Sleeping, food and hygiene

9. May 2024

First things first: 97 Poets of Revachol is NOT a larp built to be comfortable and cozy, with standard modern accommodation on a hotel level. The game takes place in an old military hospital that has been abandoned for more than thirty years, which should serve as a clear benchmark for comfort. The venue has […]

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Second Half Characters – The RCM

7. Jan 2024

Don’t get too hotheaded, Wace, and never start flailing your gun around unless you are looking for a quick way to make your day shorter. You’re not the hero you read about in Vespertine B-grade cop books, you are a greenhorn in a tense city, with a single-shot issued pistol and no armour, because our […]

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Unseen Voices – Player Handout

29. Dec 2023

The Unseen Voices are innermost temptations, sins and virtues. They are the personified struggles of the characters in 97 Poets of Revachol.  There are 13 players who will play different Unseen Voices. They will have their own characters, each with their own personality. Each with an outward manifestation, which will mostly blend into the background […]

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Signup Blogpost

25. Dec 2023

You better watch out!You better not cry!You better not pout,I’m telling you why… Disco Yule is coming to town! And bringing some extra news on our signup! It is official; 97 Poets of Revachol will open for sign-ups at 19:00 CET (Central European Time) on December 30th. As the first sign-up interval is 14 days, […]

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Unseen Voices – Intro

8. Nov 2023

You walk down one of the many decrepit hallways of La Cage. You pass the busker, who fills the empty void with the melody from her guitar. A familiar face you’ve known since you were a child, and yet she’s barely aged. You pass the flower seller who asks if you’d like to buy a […]

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A day in the life of… Apartment A

27. Oct 2023

Every morning, the inhabitants of Block A wake up having had a bit more respite from the harsh life in La Cage. They enjoy luxuries such as nearby running water, reliable electricity, and mostly repaired windows. Breakfast is a crucial social event, bringing the family together. After that, nearly all of them leave for work. […]

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On the old military hospital and why there?

18. Sep 2023

97 Poets of Revachol is a game that is very much built around the sense of place. It is a story of a building and its denizens, of people in a fictional world that is in many important aspects very similar to our own. It is a game about an old, abandoned hospital which now […]

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