The larp will have two runs in the fall of 2024.
  • Run 1 – 18 – 22 September, 2024
  • Run 2 – 25 – 29 September, 2024


Photos from the location

A short primer (click to expand)

The game will take place in the Old Military Hospital in Terezín, a former 19th-century military hospital, which we will design and modify to create the illusion of a lived-in place: apartments, a soup kitchen, a tea house, a store etc. Rolling has been renting the location for seven years now, and we participated in its reconstructions and ran numerous games there. The long-term relationship also enables us to decorate the place the way we want and do multiple runs of the larp here. What is even more important for us: the building has been long neglected, and running the game there will both allow for a very fitting environment and actually bring some art, life, and funding into the town. We will try to source most of the materials for the game locally to support the local community. Terezín is easily accessible by public transport from Prague and Dresden.


The price of the ticket covers accommodation in the hospital. Everyone will get a mattress, but people need to bring their own sleeping bags. The facilities in the hospital are very basic – there are portable (chemical) toilets outside and running (cold) water, but no showers or central heating. We can provide electricity for essential needs, but not to charge everyone’s phones. It is also possible to get accommodation in one of the nearby hotels, which we will organize, but expect that this will be at an extra cost (to be determined depending on the demand) and it will not cover the entire run.

Food & Dietary considerations

We will provide food for the whole event with three meals a day, starting with Thursday dinner and ending with Sunday breakfast. All food will be vegetarian. There will always be water and tea available. You will be able to purchase other food and drink on-site. Sadly, we cannot cater for any other dietary restrictions due to limited kitchen capacities. We will send you the detailed menu some weeks in advance so that you can bring any additional food items with you. If you have any questions about the food, write to us.
A gang member establishing the dominance
Photo by Petr Zewlakk Vrabec

Physical demands

The larp takes place in an old historical building with stairs and no elevators. There will be no hiking, but the hospital is large and walking there can stack up. The building is not wheelchair accessible. If you have other disabilities or mobility limitations and want to contact us about whether the larp is accessible to you, please write to Some characters will engage in fighting – simple and short combat with larp weapons that will be workshopped on site. It is possible to have a character who doesn’t do any fighting. The larp will run non-stop from Thursday to Friday and Friday to Saturday. However, there will be an uninterrupted period of sleep where no major activities will be scheduled. The sleeping will be in-game in shared rooms. Gender-segregated sleeping spaces will be available.
The tension among the immigrant families is rising
Photo by Petr Zewlakk Vrabec

What you need to bring

We will provide 3 vegetarian meals a day, running water, chemical toilets, and a place to sleep in a communal room on camp beds or mattresses. We will also provide any character-relevant parts of the costume, props, and accessories. However, we will need you to provide some base layers that you will be comfortable in:
  • Comfortable, neutral-looking shoes (a style guide will be provided).
  • Underwear, a neutral-looking shirt, simple trousers (or skirt, as applicable).
  • Sleeping bag/blankets (we can loan you woollen blankets for a fee).
  • A cup to drink from.
We will provide you with all character-relevant outer layers, head covers, jewellery, props, weapons etc. Your apartments will be furnished. However, optionally, you can also bring any extra personalised accessories and decorations for your apartment or living space, such as books, posters, framed photos, household items etc. You can also prepare any artworks your character may have created.