97 Poets of Revachol is produced by Rolling, a Czech larp association, and designed by a diverse international team with a great deal of experience in creating participatory events. Rolling itself has produced over a hundred runs of various larps, like Legion, De la Bête, Requiem: Reichskinder, Knights’ Song, and many others. Furthermore, team members from outside of Rolling have produced a diverse set of larps (both local and international), like 1672, Greylight 2142, Valley of Shadow, Starý Skot, and many others.

The main production team is about ten people, and over thirty will be involved in various capacities (writing, producing, run-time gamemastering, prop-making, set dressing, costume production etc.) in creating this event.

All of this is produced and run in a non-profit mode; we are not getting paid for the many hundreds of hours of work. Any proceeds from the game will be invested into refining further runs of the larp and doing restoration or maintenance work on the historical building itself. Our end goal is to make larps as accessible as possible.

The team

David Frantisek Wagner David Frantisek Wagner 🇨🇿 (He/him)
Game design, project lead
Cyprien Delachenal Obritin 🇫🇷 (He/him)
Cyprien Delachenal Obritin
Iva Vávrová Iva Vávrová 🇨🇿 (She/her)
Safety, communication, writing
Jan Holan 🇨🇿 (He/him)
Game design, writing and project management
Jan Holan
Kevin Blank Kevin Blank 🇩🇪 (He/him)
Game design, writing
Martin Bláha 🇨🇿 (He/him)
Production, writing
Martin Bláha
Willemijn Nijn Willemijn Nijn 🇳🇱 (She/her)
Character writing, conflict writing
Tereza “Rzacze” Alešová 🇨🇿 (She/her)
Tereza “Rzacze” Alešová


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If you want to support us in any way (financially, PR cooperation, etc.), please send us an email to 97support@rolling.cz.


97 poets of Revachol is a non-profit project inspired by world created by ZA/UM collective. The project does not use any characters and plots of the game Disco Elysium and is attempting to create a new, unique experience in completely different format. We have reached out to Robert Kurvitz and to ZA/UM about the project and have received approval from Robert Kurvitz. We believe that creating and running 97 Poets of Revachol does not in any way harm or compete with the objectives of the IP holders and since it also does not create any profits for us, we decided to go forward with the project.

We recognise that at this moment there is a public dispute about who owns the IP. We are very much open to further conversation and cooperation at revachol@rolling.cz.